Upcoming Events


British Columbia, Canada – Keynote, Public School Employers’ Association [November 3rd, 2017]

Think Outrageous Radio (morning radio show) [November 6th, 2017]

Winnipeg, Canada- Speaking for BASF Canada [November 14th, 2017]



Miami, FLSpeakerWOHASU – March 18th


Waterloo, ON- Speaker- University of Waterloo Annual Staff Conference – April 6th


Calgary, Canada – Host/Emcee, 2018 BOMEX National Conference

Previous Events & Testimonials

December, 2016

London, UK – Keynote, Digital Enterprise Summit

“I enjoyed your talk today Jennifer! It was a memorable keynote and I’ve already started practicing some of your tips!”



Kitchener, Canada – Keynote, TEDxEd

“Congratulations again on your Tedx talk! It was wonderful to hear you speak, and the perfect way to tie up the entire event.”


“The world needs more of you! Thank you for making me smile and breaking my heart!”

Toronto, Canada TD Ameritrade Digital Media Talks

“On behalf of all of us, I wanted to send a quick thank you again for your time today and for an amazing presentation to our teams! “…we plan to get more involved with the topic of driving happiness and higher performance as a result, with our employees – I love the excitement this stirred up today!”

“Thank you again! I continue to get people stopping me telling how great your session was an am seeing lots of comments on our internal social network. You really made an impact!”

“Thank you!” Lots of good feedback on this and some great and easy tips that we can use.”


Waterloo, Canada – Keynote, Region of Waterloo Employee Engagement Awards

“Thank you again Jennifer! We have received so many positive comments from our staff regarding your presentation! We’ll be sharing your materials with everyone to follow up!”

Toronto, Canada – Keynote, Region of Peel Employee Wellness Event

“Amazing day, thanks to you. The buzz was incredible. Jen, I hope we can stay in touch.  All the best and thank you so much!”

Calgary, Canada – Keynote, Dairy Farmers of Canada Regional Conference

“Overall, the audience enjoyed Jennifer’s presentation – she had a 97% favorability rating from our feedback scores.”

Toronto, Canada – Keynote, Juice Mobile Annual General Meeting

“Your presentation was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect from your topic, but I was blown away by the amount of science you had to support the message! Thank you for coming to speak to me and my team – we are still talking about a week later!”

Toronto, Canada – Keynote, Ontario Property Tax Association

“The event has gone well and Jennifer brightened everyone’s perspective with her presentation and gave us all something to consider in terms of happiness.”


Palm Springs, CA, USA – Keynote, The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

Yes! Yes! Gratitude!

Awesome! Great way to end the conference!

Great finale session, I loved it!

You’re the best!

Very good reminders. Idea makes complete sense!

Good reminder of important principles that apply to everyone.

This is a very interesting topic as linked to work – worth researching further.

This session made me smile! I appreciate the practice skills.

Great session. I will be part of the 10%.

Inspiring, uplifting, confirming that happiness at work is important – both as an employee and as an
employer (leader).

I loved this session. It was wonderful!

Very engaging speaker with powerful message. She was ultimately fabulous.

An absolute amazing presentation! I can’t wait to read the book and will be recommending it!

Excellent presentation. Happiness draws people together and really is contagious.

Thank you for your infectious optimism.

Great presentation!

Great topic! Thanks Ms. Moss for reinforcing the things that my wife speaks and lives every day. 
What a great message that is FREE to implement not only in work, but in life in general.

New York, New York, USA – ePharma Summit

I saw you speak today at ePharma, and you were phenomenal. Your story was so personal and inspiring, thank you for sharing. So many of us said your presentation was the best by far! You were the highlight for me and I hope that sharing your story with my team will help bring positive change at work. I’ve recently had some defining moments in my own life, and now I know what I can do with them.”

Miami, USA – Panelist, World Happiness Summit

“You are a rock star!” I loved that you were the only woman up on that stage and you completely wowed the audience with your expertise and insights! I loved you on that panel!”

“Incredible! My favorite panel so far of the summit!”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about how we handle workplace grief. You made us all think about how we can better humanize HR and the workplace in general!”


Waterloo, Canada – Keynote, Region of Waterloo RAVE awards

“We have received so many positive comments from our staff regarding your presentation! Thank you for being here!”

Vancouver, B.C. Canada – Keynote, Agreement Express Team Training Event

“You were amazing! I was so thrilled to see that you could connect with many of our staff who aren’t always comfortable speaking up. Thank you for making it an accessible topic for everyone.”

Toronto, Canada – Keynote, TD National Marketing Meeting

“Thank you! I loved your talk. I am

Banff, Canada – Keynote, Alberta Sport Connection


Regina, Canada – Keynote, Regina Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference

“Jennifer was excellent! I’m so happy we decided to go with her. All the feedback we received was awesome and everyone in the room was in such a great mood following both of her presentations. As soon as we got to work this morning my boss was already walking around asking everyone to list 5 things they are grateful for!”

British Columbia, Canada – Keynote, Associations of Business Managers, Annual Conference


Cape Breton, Canada – Keynote, NS Nova Scotia Career Development Association Annual Conference

“We were really pleased with her, she is lovely to work with and very personable. Having a phone conversation with her prior to the conference gave us a sense of how professional and passionate she is about what she does, and made us so excited to have her speak.  She was very moving and we really enjoyed the combination of hard data and personal stories.  Her talk was relevant to the work the conference attendees do.  They thought she was inspiring and powerful.  We had a lot of feedback of how engaging and thought provoking her talk was.  Her message was fabulous!

The only thing we would have changed is the amount of time we got to spend with her.  Due to scheduling, her visit was brief, however her impact was great.  She is definitely a person you can spend the day talking too. We would definitely have her speak again.”

Waterloo, Canada – Keynote, Women, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sir Wilfrid Laurier University

“Thank you again for participating at our event. It was fantastic to hear insights from an entrepreneur’s perspective and take it away for future research!”

Sydney, Australia – Happiness and its Causes Annual Conference (with the Dalai Lama)

“Your talk was my favorite! I really appreciated how you wove in your personal story with the science – it made it easy for us all to connect to what you were saying!”

“So much gratitude Jen! You were amazing! Thank you so much for your incredible contribution to Happiness & Its Causes 2017!”

“I already sent a thank you note to my boss and his reply was awesome. You’re totally right – we don’t thank our coworkers or our managers enough. I made a pact with myself and my team that we are going to make this a habit in the workplace. Thank you for reminding us what it really means to be a leader and how I can be part of the change!”


Waterloo, Canada – Panel, TECNA Conference – Voice of the Customer Panel


Waterloo, Canada – Waterloo Region Community Services Annual Conference

Niagara Falls, Canada – CULA (Credit Union Leasing Association) Annual Conference – Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture


Blue Mountain, Canada – Keynote, Ontario Professional Planners Association

Baltimore, US – Keynote, CSAE Associations at Work Business Conference